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Heat and moisture exchanger (HME Filter) for tracheostomized patients for intensive care units

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    EASY BREATH™ is a disposable device for heat and moisture exchange (HME or artificial nose) to be used on tracheostomized spontaneously breathing patients, with a port for administration of oxygen if necessary.

    EASY BREATH™ is mounted on the tracheostomy cannula to protect the patient from loss of heat and moisture. The device is equipped with a bidirectional valve which allows aspiration and bronchoscopy and reduces the resistance in the event of the patient coughing. It is fitted with an oxygen port positioned in the middle of the device, which allows humidification and heating of the oxygen delivered.


    • It is a lightweight system, easy to replace and does not require any further components
    • Latex-free and non-conductive
    • Flow Resistance (ISO 9360)  0,28 cm H2O 60 l/min
    • Humidification efficiency  29,6 mg/l   Vc= 500 ml
    • Connections  15F
    • Bidirectional valve for aspiration, which allows aspiration of secretions without removing the device and limits excessive pressure in the air passages in case of coughing.
    • Port for oxygen administration
    • ISO 9360 standards


    Check that the packaging of the artificial nose is undamaged, then extract it from the package and connect it securely to the tracheostomy tube. Should oxygen enrichment be required, connect the tube to the connector located in the middle on the side of the device. Aspirations or inspections can be carried out through the bidirectional valve without removing the device.
    Check for possible abundant secretion which may reduce filter efficiency, and if so, replace the filter. The recommended duration of the device is 24 hours. Single-use, single-patient device. After use, dispose of the device as per regulations in force.