Needle for the localization of breast lesions

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    MOON™ needle is an effective support in the diagnostic imaging technique for the preoperative localization of non-palpable breast lesions.

    The special sharpening of the tip improves penetration and allows easily reaching the area to be examined, preventing excessive deflections. The centimetre marking on the cannula, the sliding stopper and the external echo marker make it easier and safer to control the depth reached. The metal wire, available with “single hook” or “double hook” is used as a guide towards the lesion to excise. The MOON™ needle is equipped with an easy-to-use universal Luer-lock connector and an ergonomic grip made of transparent plastic so that the passage of fluids is visible.


    • The particular sharpness of the needle tip improves penetration.

    • Centimetre depth marker, sliding stopper and internal echo marker.

    • Easier and more accurate control of the depth reached.

    • Non-repositionable hook, available with a “single hook” or “double hook”, is used as a guide for the lesion to be eliminated.



    GaugeDiameterNeedle size
    20G0,90 mm20G x 7 cm
    21G0,80 mm21 G x 5 cm
    21G x 9 cm
    21G x 15 cm



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