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Automatic device for soft tissue biopsy

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    ESTER™ is a fully automatic, single-use device, particularly indicated for prostatic, hepatic, renal and mammary biopsies. Due to its particular features, specific technical aspects of this device have been patented.


    1. A single button that loads the cannula and the stylet.
      With this system, the device can be used with one hand, ensuring greater convenience and comfort, as well as being able to use the ultrasound scan with the other hand.
    2. Two possible firing buttons: one on the side and one on the back, which can be chosen by the doctor according to his/her specific manual preference.
    3. The fire can take place in two distinct alternatives, chosen by the Doctor:
      1. Delay system: pressing the button lightly allows the stylet only to advance, thus exposing the sampling cavity out of the cannula. Subsequently, pressing the button until it stops allows the cannula to advance. In this way, the fire takes place through two distinct actions, and the time between one and the other is defined by the doctor.
      2. Automatic system: pressing the button until it stops advances the stylet and the cannula simultaneously (the advancement time is slightly out of phase, but the fire, in this case, takes place through a single action).

    ESTER™ can be equipped with a coaxial needle (Introducer) to the device, recommended in biopsies with multiple samples (e.g. mammary biopsies).

    ESTER™ is available in various versions:
    – In the “Double Step” version: an automatic and delay system
    – In the “Single Step” version: automatic single shot. 

    1. LOADING: A single button that loads the cannula and the stylet.
      Pressing the button once loads the cannula, and a second time loads the stylet.
    2. INSERTION OF THE NEEDLE: The loaded needle is inserted into the selected point for biopsy.
    3. EXPOSING OF THE SAMPLE CAVITY: The needle is ready for the biopsy procedure: two possible firing buttons, one on the side and one at the back, and can be chosen by the doctor.
      The fire can take place in two distinct alternatives:
      1. Delay system: the selected button is pressed once lightly to advance the stylet, and then the button is pressed until it stops to advance the cannula.
      2. Automatic system: pressing the button until it stops moves the cannula and the stylet forward at the same time.
    4. FIRE: The sample is collected inside the needle. Finish by gently extracting the needle from the tissues.
    5. SAMPLE COLLECTION: To recover the material, repeat the loading procedure indicated in point 1, and press the load button only once to uncover the sample area. Then collect the sample for the laboratory exam.



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