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Automatic aspiration device for histological biopsy

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    BIOSOFT™ is a disposable automatic aspiration device used in the main histological biopsies.


    • Possibility to perform the biopsy with one hand, thanks to the presence of a spring that allows the sample to be taken automatically.

    • Speed and certainty of biopsy performance.

    • The particular sharpening of the tip enables users to obtain an integral sample, through a simple and non-traumatic penetration.

    • The centimetre depth markings allow a safe positioning of the needle.

    • The sliding stopper enables pre-definition of the penetration depth.

    • The internal echogenic marker prevents the dragging of tumour cells during the biopsy.

    • Two versions are available:
      – With a fixed cannula
      – With a removable cannula


    Cannula (mm)
    Cannula (mm)
    16 G1,60100 – 150 – 200 – 250 
    17 G1,47100 – 150 – 200 – 250 
    18 G1,27100 – 150 – 200 – 250150
    20 G0,90100 – 150 – 200 – 250 
    21 G0,80100 – 150 – 200 – 250 
    22 G0,70100100

    Different sizes available upon request.



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