Adipose-derived MSCs microfragmentation and purification kit

ADIPO-STEM DUO™ is a closed-circuit single-use kit for adipose tissue microfragmentation and purification without any centrifuge and with minimal manipulation.

The filtering system consistently microfragments the adipose tissue while maintaining its biological properties and maximizing the regenerative potential.

The entire processing phase of the liposuctioned tissue occurs inside the device thanks to continuous saline solution washing. This allows reducing the cellular stress, eliminating any traumatic action that may damage the extracellular matrix and its essential trophic and anti-inflammatory function.

The collection and processing bag is equipped with two membranes:

  • The first filter microfragments the adipose tissue while retaining the eventual fibrotic tissue and preserving its biological properties and maximizing the regenerative potential.
  • The second filter with denser mesh retains the reduced (microfragmented) adipose cluster that is washed with saline solution, eliminating all the oily and blood residues which might cause inflammation of the treated tissues.

The final microfragmented and purified product is a viscous fluid that can easily be injected into the tissues or joints with thin 28/30G needles.

The end product is a compound and purified microfragmented autologous adipose tissue rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that keeps the biological properties of the original tissue intact. The whole extracellular matrix acts as a natural structure for the cells, increasing their vitality and contributing to the natural tissue regeneration process.

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    • No centrifugation required

    • Adipose tissue microfragmentation and purification

    • Complete kit for sampling and processing adipose tissue and mesenchymal cells

    • Complete preservation of tissue architecture and stromal niche components

    • Reduced cellular stress

    • Preservation of the extracellular matrix 

    • Total purification of blood and oily waste as a potential cause of inflammation

    • Minimal manipulation thanks to a simple and reproducible technique in a single surgical time

    • Sampling and processing in a sterile closed-circuit environment


    1. Infiltrate the Klein solution in the selected harvest site using the 16 G Klein cannula.

    2. Harvest the adipose tissue from the anaesthetized area using the 13 G lipoaspiration cannula.

    3. Connect a 2L saline bag to the device’s “WASH IN” valve and fill the device.

    4. Insert the harvested adipose tissue in the device’s “LIPO IN” valve.

    5. The collection and processing bag is equipped with two filters: the first filter microfragments the adipose tissue while retaining the eventual fibrotic tissue.

    6. Support the purification of the adipose tissue using the processing spatula. This will gently microfragment and purify the adipose tissue.

    7. The second filter with a denser mesh retains the microfragmented adipose tissue and discharges the pro-inflammatory contents and liquids in the waste bag.

    8. The eventual fibrotic tissue is retained in the first filter, allowing to obtain a high qualitative adipose tissue.

    9. Continue to gently move the processing spatula on the filter to facilitate the complete washing of the tissue.

    11. With the help of the processing spatula, retrieve the purified and microfragmented adipose tissue from the dedicated “LIPO OUT” valve and use it as needed.

    10. Once the final product acquires a clear yellow colour, stop the saline solution flow and gently remove the excess water using the processing spatula.


    – ADIPO-STEM DUO™ device

    The device is supplied ready-to-use with a 400 ml capacity processing bag and a 2 lt waste-collecting bag. The kit includes a spatula to facilitate tissue purification.

    The system has 3 valves: 

           – WASH IN: to connect the saline solution

          – LIPO IN: to transfer the harvested adipose tissue into the device

          – LIPO OUT: to extract the purified adipose tissue.



    – Filtering system

    The sophisticated filtering system inside the processing and filtering bag is equipped with two filters:

    • the first filter microfragments the adipose tissue, while retaining the eventual fibrotic tissue
    • the second filter with denser mesh retains the reduced (microfragmented) adipose tissue that is washed with saline solution, eliminating all the oily and blood residues which might cause inflammation of the treated tissues. 

    – 16 G Klein solution cannula with 60 ml syringe

    The kit includes:

    • two 60 ml syringes for Klein solution infiltration
    • one 16 G cannula with an atraumatic tip and three side holes for Klein solution infiltration.


    – 13 G Atraumatic lipo-aspiration cannula with 60 ml VacLok syringe

    The kit includes:

    • two 60 ml VacLok syringes for lipoaspiration
    • one 13 G lipoaspiration cannula with an atraumatic tip and three ultrasharp side holes that allow harvesting a high qualitative and vital adipose cluster.





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