Vertebroplasty is a technique characterized by the filling of the vertebral body obtained through the injection of PMMA cement, without prior balloon inflation. Vertebroplasty is one of the most common vertebral filling techniques thanks to the rapidity and minimal invasiveness of the procedure.

Vertebral filling may be necessary due to the following problems:

  • Osteoporosis (fig.1)
  • fractures (fig.2)
  • primary tumours (fig.3)
  • metastatic tumours (fig.4)

In general, in all the cases where the vertebra is no longer able to support the load-bearing.




Reduced cost.

No cavity creation for cement control.

Shorter working time.

Increased leakage risk.

Less invasive procedure.

No height restoration, even with fresh fractures.

Easiest multilevel treatment (VERTEBROSTEEL™).


It is possible to perform a transpedicular or extrapedicular access, depending on the anatomy of the vertebral body to be treated.

1 – Create the access: The first step involves the insertion, through the pedicles, of a vertebroplasty needle. Use the fluoroscope to determine the correct position of the entry point. Check again with the fluoroscope until the final positioning of the cannula. Advance the tip of the cannula until it reaches the anterior half of the vertebral body.

2 – Prepare the PMMA: Prepare the PMMA and load a cement delivery system. We offer a complete kit to perform a Vertebroplasty procedure: BONE CEMENT for spinal applications, CEMIX™ Cement Mixing System and EASYNJECT™ Cement Delivery System.

3 – Fill the vertebral body with PMMA: connect the cement delivery system to the vertebroplasty needle and slowly inject the cement into the vertebral body.

4 – Vertebral Biopsy: Bone biopsy may be associated at this point, to screen for neoplastic lesions.


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