Percutaneous biopsy is a safe and effective technique for the evaluation of spinal lesions. It can be performed during a Kyphoplasty or Vertebroplasty procedure with a single transpedicular passage using the coaxial technique, with little patient discomfort and improved safety.

VERTEBROSTEEL™, VERTEBROPLASTIC™RENOVA SPINE™ 11G and RENOVA SPINE™ 8G kyphoplasty systems can be used as introducer needles for the transpedicular access. Then, through its cannula with a coaxial technique, it is possible to put a biopsy needle and thereafter perform a VTP/KYP with the cement.


  1. Insert the biopsy needle in the Kyphoplasty working cannula (or Vertebroplasty needle)
  2. Progress forward and perform two complete 360° rotations in such a way as to internally cut the fragment of tissue without damaging it and without the need to dislocate it.
  3. Remove the biopsy needle and extract the sharp style.
  4. Insert the extractor needle from the tip of the biopsy needle to allow the retrieval of the sample.


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