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Optimizing bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) aspiration is pivotal in the realm of regenerative medicine. This procedure finds utility in treating soft tissue pathologies (e.g.osteoarthritis, chondropathies, tendinopathies) and bone grafting surgeries aimed at repairing damaged bones, whether due to injury, disease, or congenital conditions.

Enter MARROW-STEM™, a disposable device optimized for selective aspiration of mesenchymal cells from bone marrow.

Its innovative features maximize cellular yield while minimizing peripheral blood contamination through a micrometric lateral aspiration system and a closed distal tip.

This procedure is efficient, typically taking just 20 minutes, and can be conducted with low morbidity in various harvesting sites, including the iliac crest, proximal tibia, distal femur or vertebral body.  

MARROW-STEM™ is a disposable device for the selective aspiration of mesenchymal cells from the bone marrow which, with its innovative features, optimizes the cellular yield and minimizes the contamination of peripheral blood thanks to its micrometric system for lateral aspiration and closed distal tip. 

MARROW-STEM™ is an effective solution to perform percutaneous access with multiple aspirations from a single access point in a short surgical time (typically 20 minutes) and avoiding any centrifugation.

The procedure can be performed at low morbidity in various harvesting sites, including the anterior or posterior iliac crest, proximal tibia, distal femur, or vertebral body.


The collection of bone marrow using the MARROW-STEM™ is performed with the patient under local or general anaesthesia. 

The device must be securely connected to its syringe during each aspiration process. However, the device must be detached from the syringe and attached to its stylet whenever the device is advanced. 

MARROW-STEM™ on iliac crest


First, the surgeon should carefully prime the device and its syringe with an anticoagulant. Second, the surgeon will insert the device (with its stylet) just beyond the edge of the cortical bone: here, the first ml of bone marrow is aspirated.


The device is then advanced to the desired maximum depth, and the gear is adjusted to make contact with the skin. At this point, another ml of bone marrow is aspirated.

The device then must be retracted to the next aspiration targets, located above the previous aspiration point. The handle is rotated 360° counterclockwise to progressively pull back the cannula while the gear is held steady. The aspiration process is repeated, withdrawing approximately 1 ml of bone marrow for each cm of retraction. After completion, the MARROW-STEM™ device is removed. To always monitor the residual excursion in cm, check the white arrow imprinted on the device. The collected bone marrow aspirate can then be filtered to remove clots and bone debris using the 270µ filter provided in the kit.


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